COCO500 in San Francisco

Nov 2005: COCO500 is the newest hottest restaurant in San Francisco! As soon as you walk in, you are struck by the life of the place.

There is plenty of light, good music, attractive waiters coming through with delicious plates of food; and, there is a lively bar for people who come on their own or without reservations. In a word, it’s fun!

For 10 years food cognosenti knew they could eat really well at Bizou. Now, everyone can have Mediterranean-inspired small plates at COCO500, in a more casual, lively atmosphere. Loretta Keller is one of the best cooks in San Francisco. Although you can still find some old Bizou favorites, like Fried Green Beans and Beef Cheeks, there are new and exciting dishes like Stuffed Squash Blossoms; Sauteed Scallops with Green Beans; and Quail Stuffed with Sausage. It’s exciting and fun and delicious!