Now is the Time to Enroll in Cooking School

Aug 2012: Are you between jobs? Have you gone as far as you can in your current job? Is it time to go back to work? And, to work in a field that holds your interest? Well, Tante Marie’s has the solution.

There are plenty of jobs available in the Bay Area in the field of food and cooking!   Not only are restaurants, bakeries, catering and personal chef businesses desparate for well-qualified good workers; but the demand for well-made nourishing prepared foods and baked goods has never been higher – in other words, you can start your own food business.  This is the time to follow your passion!

Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco has been preparing students for a career in food and cooking since 1979.  You can check out reviews of former students on;  In the past I have written here about what it takes to be a Chef?  What it takes to be a Pastry Chef?  What it takes to be a Cooking Teacher?  And, here I am going to write about Tante Marie’s.

It is amazing how many people graduate from the Six-Month Full-Time Culinary Course at Tante Marie’sproclaiming that it was the best six months of their lives.  Just imagine coming into a warm, friendly place every weekday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and being taught by a wonderful experienced culinary instructor,Frances Wilson.  Not only do the students cook every day but they get to eat what they cooked.  And, they are introduced to the cooking of various countries by the guest chefs; and get to meet such people as goat farmers and winemakers.

Some of the past students of Frances have returned to their home town or country to go on to very successful careers.  Some have stayed here and are doing really well working for others or starting their own businesses.  Here are a few:

Maureen Abood – Blog from Michigan called Rose Water & Orange Blossoms –

Anna Colquhoun – Food Writer and Cooking Teacher in London –

Brandi Key – Executive Chef in Texas restaurants called COPPA Ristorante Italiano –

Rachel Michael – Freelance Food Sylist in New York sometimes working withMARTHA STEWART LIVING

Jeff Cirese – Product Development for the CENTER FOR CULINARY DEVELOPMENT in San Francisco

Katie Dyos – Cooking Teacher at Tante Marie’s Cooking School

Malcolm deSieyes – Cooking School Owner – Silverado Cooking School
Tyler Davis – Personal Chef and Caterer –

To learn more about the culinary training at Tante Marie’s go to  – or call 415.788.6699  There are still a few spaces in the Six-Month Full-Time Culinary Course starting Sept.  24, 2012.